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Al Borland
We all know who the real hero of Tool Time was. Pay homage to your new leader and king.  Number one in your home and number one in your hearts.  The man, the myth, the legend.  A real go getter.  The main character in one of the most non stop action packed underdog stories of the ninties.  Should I keep going? Ok I will.  The Thunder from down under.  Mighty Mighty AL "I can't believe its not butter" Two Toes Fish n Chips All that and a side mustard covered tater tots Borland!
But Wait, There's more...
For the low low price of not 39.99, not 29.99, not even 19 ninety nine. Hell no, I'm gonna give you my right nut for FREE! and I tell you what, sign up now and I'll throw in ol' lefty